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ZebraTube Dewatering and Containment

ZebraTube® dewatering bags offer a low cost, easy solution for sludge dewatering and containment.


Sludge is pumped or dredged from the wastewater source. The geobag acts as a filter, allowing water to pass through but trapping the solids inside.


Our hanging bags come with forklift handles for mobile dewatering. Projects with space on site use our tubes for efficient dewatering of large volumes. 


We supply for small and large operations across sewerage, mining, manufacturing, and food and beverage industries. Bags range from 1m to 50m.

What size do you need? Contact us for sizing and availability. You can buy our smaller geobags online.


ZebraTube® dewatering bags use woven polymer fabrics as semi-permeable membranes to trap the solids inside. Sludge is pumped in from the wastewater source, such as a settling pond. The geotextile acts as a filter, allowing water to pass through but retaining the solid matter for disposal.

What's your sludge?

  • Sewage

  • Flocculated Sludge

  • Activated Sludge

  • Animal Waste

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Oily wastes

  • Carbon Tailings

  • Mineral Sands

  • DAF Underflow

  • Coal

  • River Silt

  • Gold Tailings

  • Iron Ore

  • Acid Mine Drainage Sludge

Hanging bag setup for dewatering sludge

The dewatered sludge consolidates, reducing its volume and increasing solids concentration. This makes for easier, more cost effective disposal or further processing if needed.


Depending on the slurry, moisture contents between 40-60% are achievable in short dewatering times; even lower if bags are allowed to consolidate for longer periods. 

Dried sludge in dewatering bag

Call us for bag sizes and pricing, or to discuss your dewatering operation.

What volume of wastewater are you handling?

For small operations, our 1 and 2 tonne hanging bags are ideal. You can buy these directly in our store.


For larger projects, we supply tubes from 5m up to 50m lengths.

Fill out the online form below for a quote, or for more information on sizes and pricing.

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