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Geobag Dewatering

Looking for a simple, sustainable 

dewatering solution?


Woven Geotextile Dewatering Bags

ZebraTube Dewatering and Containment

Tailings dewatering and containment for mining operations

ZebraTube Dewatering and Containment
ZebraTube Dewatering and Containment Solution

Easy to operate

Made from permeable woven geotextile, our dewatering bags allow water to pass through while retaining solid matter. Wastewater sludge pumps in while water filters out through the geotextile for collection or disposal. Geobags can be used as the tailings storage facility (TSF) fills to reduce the required volume and reinforce facility walls. The tubes are also a cost-effective solution if a tailings dam is full and requires dredging or dewatering.

Large Dewatering Tubes Being Filled
Dewatering Geobag Tube

Effective dewatering

Geobag dewatering typically reduces moisture content of solids by 50-70%, minimising the volume of tailings and associated costs. We offer two geotextiles with different aperture sizes: one for inorganic sludge like coal, gold or iron ore, the other for flocculated or organic sludge.

Geotextile LF1.jpg
Woven Geotextile Material

Expertly made

Our woven geotextile material is durable and resistant to chemicals, ensuring reliable performance in remote mining sites and alongside operational facilities. With a wide range of sizes available, operators can easily adjust dewatering capacity as needed.

What size do you need? Contact us for sizing and availability. You can buy our smaller sized geobags online.

What volume of sludge

are you dewatering?

For small operations and trialling, our 1 and 2 tonne hanging bags are ideal. You can get these directly from our online store.

For larger projects, we supply tubes from 5m up to 50m lengths. You can purchase the 10m tubes directly online.

For anything larger, simply fill out the online form below for a quote. Or give us a call on 0406 417 281 to discuss your project.

Geotextile Dewatering Hanging Bags
Small Dewatering Tube
Geobags laid for filling
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