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ZebraTube®’s geotextile dewatering bags provide a high quality, efficient and cost-effective alternative to conventional sludge dewatering methods. 

Conventional sludge dewatering - with a filter press, belt filter or centrifuge - is expensive, and the mechanical equipment requires intensive operation and maintenance regimes.

ZebraTube®'s geotextile bags are a cost-effective alternative. They require less capital expenditure, are easy to fill with no complex moving parts, and significantly reduce operation and maintenance requirements.

ZebraTube®'s geotextile bags are a simple but efficient technology that uses woven polymer fabrics as semi-permeable membranes. The fabrics contain small apertures that allow water – but not solids – to pass through.

The bags promote passive sludge dewatering and consume no power once filled. The bags can also be stacked to enable efficient usage of space.

High quality

ZebraTube® geotextile bags are designed and manufactured by slurry separation experts, guaranteeing excellent dewatering results.


Our complete control over the bag manufacturing process allows for design flexibility and speed of delivery. We cater for both large and small projects and can deploy ZebraTube® bags quickly for emergency dewatering projects.



Need more information on how we can assist with your dewatering requirements?

The ZebraTube® dewatering process is easily tailored to your sludge handling needs. Watch to find out how it works.

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