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Sludge bags
ZebraTube Dewatering and Containment
ZebraTube Dewatering and Containment

Reduce sludge volume and disposal costs with ZebraTube® Sludge Dewatering Bags.

Easy to Use

1. Choose your bag size

2. Pump your wastewater sludge into the bag


Water passes through the bag while solids are trapped inside, reducing your sludge waste volume and containing it for easy removal.

Range of Sizes

We supply for small and large operations, with bag sizes ranging from 1m³ to 1000m³.

Effective on Sludge

ZebraTube® sludge bags can handle a wide variety of wastewater types and applications. So what's yours?


ZebraTube® Sludge Dewatering Bags are used around the world to contain and dewater sludge. The bags are simple to use, robust and cost-effective for handling small or large sludge volumes.

The bags can be used on a range of sludge types and applications, including the following:



  • Dam or pond dredging

  • Mine pit dewatering

  • Liquid wastes processing

  • Sewerage sludge dewatering

  • Waste slurry drying

  • Mine tailing management

  • Construction site wastewater handling

  • Sewage

  • Flocculated Sludge

  • Activated Sludge

  • Coal

  • River Silt

  • Gold Tailings

  • Iron Ore

  • Acid Mine Drainage

Watch how they work

Wondering about your sludge? Call us to discuss your operation, or fill out the online form below.

What volume of wastewater are you handling?

For small operations, our 1 and 2 tonne hanging bags with forklift handles are ideal. You can buy these directly in our store.


For larger projects, we supply tubes from 5m up to 50m lengths. These lie flat on the ground or a liner for filtrate recapture.

For more info on sizes and pricing, fill out the online form below and we'll get back to you swiftly.

Sludge Dewatering Bag
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