Mine Water

Treatment Engineering

💧 Sampling & Analysis
💧 Water Chemistry Modelling
💧 Process Engineering
💧 Feasibility Studies
💧 Technology Reviews
💧 Plant Optimisation
💧 Testwork & Piloting

Our Services:

Looking for mine water treatment advice?
Need to safely discharge your mine water or effluent?
Want to recycle your water to reduce freshwater consumption?
Need to upgrade an existing mine water treatment plant?
Westwood Water provides expertise to mining companies aiming to improve their on-site water treatment and recycling capabilities.

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There are many sources of Mine Water:
  • Leached tailings water
  • Accumulated rainwater
  • Intercepted groundwater
  • Legacy shaft or pit water
  • Spent process effluents
Our experienced water engineers will provide the best water treatment advice for you.

Where to start with mine water treatment?

Our engineers will guide you through the entire process.
Assessing your water's chemistry, defining your water treatment objectives, running process simulations, and providing detailed process designs and technology recommendations to ensure you achieve the best water treatment outcomes.
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"We love analysing mine waters and effluents"