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Typical acid mine drainage contaminants:

  • Acidity (pH<5)

  • Sulphate (SO4)

  • Heavy Metals (As, Cu, Fe, Pb, etc.)

  • Hardness (Ca, Mg)

  • Other salts (Na, Cl, etc)

What is Acid Mine Drainage?

Many mine sites around the world have issues with acid mine drainage (AMD).

AMD is caused when water (rainwater or groundwater) and oxygen contacts exposed earth, rocks, and tailings that contain sulphide minerals.

These minerals are oxidised, dissolving into the water to produce a particularly toxic and corrosive type of mining wastewater.

Westwood Water provides expertise to mining companies with Acid Mine Drainage issues looking for treatment or recycling options.

Whether the AMD source is rainwater leaching through tailings, accumulated groundwater or spent process effluents, our experienced water engineers have seen it all, and will ensure your water treatment outcomes are achieved.

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Treatment Options

Acid mine drainage treatment process

AMD requires significant treatment before the water can be re-used or returned to the environment.


We will assess your Acid Mine Drainage chemistry, define your treatment objectives, run process simulations, and provide detailed process engineering to ensure you achieve the best water treatment outcomes.

While several water treatment technologies are effective for AMD, they are often poorly engineered leading to inefficient and costly operations.

If left untreated, AMD has a devastating effect on the environment, corroding waterways, staining riverbeds and killing local wildlife.

This is a major problem with old historical mines in particular. These long abandoned sites have no one responsible for the AMD leaking from old shafts and pits.

Our goal at Westwood Water is to produce the highest quality engineering and designs, to ensure you receive the best water treatment advice. We can also assist with water sampling and analysis, chemistry modelling, feasibility studies, technology selection and regulatory approvals.


  • Recycle more of your mine water

  • Reduce water risks from your mine site

  • Minimise your freshwater consumption

  • Reduce mine site costs

  • Optimise your water chemistry and related processes

  • Improve site environmental sustainability


  • Water Sampling & Analysis

  • Water Chemistry Modelling

  • Process Engineering

  • Feasibility Analysis

  • Water Treatment Plant Optimisation

  • Laboratory Testwork & Piloting

  • Technology review and selection

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